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hi there!


I'm Zane

Your new go-to friend for your business' photography and video needs

Every new client is an entire world I get to experience. 


I grew up wanting to do everything. I've always had an intense curiosity about the world that I couldn't possibly pick just one thing. Unfortunately, there are only so many hours in a day. I have a lot of creativity inside me and it's going to come out one way or another. Reality says I can't do everything, so I found the next best things: 


  • As a Lifestyle / Personal Brand photographer, I get to experience lifestyles and creative passions that differ from my every day.

  • As an Engagement Photographer, I have the privilege of celebrating a huge milestone in someone's life on the regular. 

  • As a Wedding Videographer, I get to be a part of (and capture) the best day of a couple's life. 

  • As a filmmaker, I get to create entire universes in a rectangle.

  • As an improv comedian, I get to go on stage and be whoever I want. 


What all these things have in common is that they're all mediums used for storytelling. Because whether I'm filming your wedding or taking lifestyle photos for your brand, I'm here to tell your story.  

My Story


I was born once. I don't remember it. Let's fast forward. 


I graduated from Point Park University with a degree in Cinema and Digital Arts and have over 13 years experience as a filmmaker. I am a member of the Pittsburgh IATSE film workers union and have worked in the movie / television industry for 8 years. 


I started doing Improv comedy about 7 years ago and have since performed at many venues. Currently, my team "Classy & Relevant" has a monthly show at the Steel City Improv theater. 


I entered the world of professional photography about 5 years ago, shooting cosplay photos. What I loved about it was how creative and different every shoot was. Collaborating with passionate people is what led me to Personal Brand Photography. This genre allows me to work with an array of creative entrepreneurs. 


I started my own Photography / Video business about 4 years ago while still working in the movie / television industry. After working union jobs for 60+ hour weeks (unfortunately this is not an exaggeration), I would spend my weekends shooting wedding videos for several high-end companies. 


For the past year, I have cut down on the amount of union work I take so I can focus on my clients. I now devote my time to creating visuals that work with unique brands that bring personality into the world of business. (And also weddings and engagements because they're fun so why should I stop). 


Have something fun or weird you want me point a camera at? Let's connect.


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